Sweet thoughts!πŸ’­

“You won’t stay heartbroken forever. The day will come when you feel a sense of relief in knowing you’re no longer attached to the person that once broke you. All the over thinking and pain you once felt will be a thing of the past. You’ll remember the good times you once shared but you’ll also remember the agony you went through, and that will push you to be stronger and wiser towards future relationships. You’ll never allow anybody to treat you like a puppet again”

“Keep reminding yourself that if your past relationships didn’t work out, it wasn’t waste. Everything happened for a reason and prepared you to become the person you are today. Your choice are what led you to this breakthrough. There’s nothing greater than moving on and succeeding. That’s the best revenge. Instead of wallowing in your pain, use the strength you have deep within you to picture yourself back up and move past all your hardships.”



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