Thursday thoughts 💭

For everything there’s a time and a season. It is for God’s purpose. Every person you meet and every experience you encounter occurs for a reason. He’s preparing you for your future. God is refining you. He is perfecting the spiritual gifts in you.

#GodLovesYou. Don’t expect life to be easy, work hard for what you want. Habits to quit to be happier:

1. Comparison

2. Getting caught up in self doubt

3. Being judgemental

4. Lazy lifestyle

5. Unhealthy habits

6. Being a people pleaser

7. Negative attitude

8. Holding grudges

9. Procrastinating

Exactly don’t stop until you’re happy with YOURSELF! This is your life, and you have to work on things that make you happy and the sooner you stop trying to please everyone else the sooner you’ll make big steps in your life and be proud of yourself! Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Having a POSITIVE mindset doesn’t mean you won’t have challenges. Positivity is what’s going to keep the challenges from defeating you. We simply hv to stop letting little things make our life miserable, and instead, let obstacles make our life interesting and worthwhile. Everytime you feel like giving up. Take a look at your goals. And remind yourself why you are doing it. Creativity depends on a combination of patience and impatience.

You need the impatience to dive into a problem today and the patience to wait for better solutions tomorrow. Take a few moments to embrace inner peace and reflect on soft surroundings. Have a great day.



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