Happy New Month! 😊❤️

August is another step on your way to Happiness & realization of your dream. Keep running and you’ll reach your goal very soon.

And only the good things will come into your life. Happy new month and good luck to you! Every new month is like a fresh piece of paper, and only you decide what will be written on it, wishing you all the best! Let it be filled with cheerfulness and delight!

August, sadness and heart aches are enough. So please, give us good news and restore joy and happiness. 🙏🏾Dear August, please be awesome. Please be a great one. Please be different. 🙏

Finally, a new month. Another opportunity to achieve your goals, make an important decision and change your hair colour. Don’t waist it. Use every day of this month to make a difference. I believe in you, mate!

HOPING and PRAYING. I put you in God’s Hands. God please make my dreams come true!

This is my birth month and I usually don’t care about my birthday or tell anyone.

This year’s gonna be different,I feel it.

Dear God,Surprise me with a Great Life changing Surprise from Heaven!!! 🙏❤️.

Don’t get worked up over things you cannot change, situations you cannot change, and people you cannot change. It’s not worth the anger, pain or bleeding hearts. Control only what you can. Everything else, let go and let it flow.

If you are a moving train, no one can stand on your way. I wish you to be that train. May your strength overpower the fear in your heart, and after that you will understand that you are capable of anything. 


It is hard to run without breaks. Even your heart makes pauses, so I want to remind you that sometimes you have to take a break. Stop thinking about bad stuff and remember that the most important thing is that you are alive. 

One month is not just a period of time in your calendar – it’s a period of your life. So don’t neglect it and make the most of it. Best places to visit, best people to meet, best books to read, best feelings to experience 

Happy new month wishes from us! May these days not go to waste, make every second count, and don’t let anyone make you negative or unhappy, because as they say “Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for in your life!”


Time is the most precious thing in our life. Appreciate it, spend it wisely and never waste it on nonsense. Have an incredible month full of unforgettable moments that won’t make you regret eventually! Good luck!

If you ever wanted to start again, new month is a good opportunity to do it. Don’t put your life on a waiting list, otherwise it (your life) will turn its back on you.

You can become better tomorrow than you are today, but it requires letting go of your past and learning from success and failure. 



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