Thankful for trust, peace and foundation!

I’ve learned the whole value in experience. Thought I haven’t always seen things clear, I’m now thankful for things I never imagined I could be. If it wasn’t for the lairs, I wouldn’t know the qualities of trustworthy people. If it wasn’t for the pain, I wouldn’t know the value of peace. If it wasn’t for the good things failing, I wouldn’t know what was needed to set the foundation for something great. I learned the power of acceptance through my disappointments. Every let down has left me in a position to grow, and I’m wiser because of it all. I’m proud of my heart, it’s never been quitter, it hasn’t become bitter. It’s had the courage to stay open and that has only made me better. Trust your intuition it never lies.

Progress… so often we are defined by what we’ve done and the mistakes we’ve made. For once I would like to be measured by the steps I took today rather than the footprints πŸ‘£ of yesterday. Born to love, cursed to feel.



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